Getting a 100% Welcome Bonus 500

When playing online, one of the key benefits of any casino presents itself in the form of a bonus. Sometimes they come in dribs and drabs which is annoying. However, on that random occasion, you get a 100% welcome bonus 500, grab it with both hands!

Casinos know your worth to their business and provide several promotions to not only keep them going but also extend the gaming experience for you. Coupling fun themes, multiple games and amazing graphics playing online take some beating. has all that you need to get started at an online casino with a welcome bonus.

In comparison to local casinos that are slowly declining in popularity, you can get loads of bonuses on websites. Why? Because each business battles for supremacy. To stay ahead of the competition, promotions entice you in and boost their profits.

Enjoying a 100% Welcome Bonus 500

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to get an amazing 100% welcome bonus 500, which will blow your mind. But before you do that, it’s important to know about the different bonuses that are available and whether this is the right one for you.

To keep you honest, we will describe below the different promotions you can get as a new or returning player. Big software companies like Playtech, IGT and Microgaming keep updating these regularly as they want to bring in new customers.

However, they can be misleading and confusing to those who don’t understand the terminology. After all, isn’t a 100% bonus the only type you can get? The answer is no, and here’s why.

Explaining the 100% Bonus and Others

What a casino does when you first sign up is to give you a big shiny promotion code to enter upon registering. Once you’ve done that (after making sure the website is not a scam), you can proceed to deposit, with the casino matching you.

While some casinos are generous and offer a 100% matching bonus, others can go as low as 50%. It’s important to shop around and find the best deal based on the game you wish to play. In some cases, you might even find a matching bonus of up to a staggering 200%!

Get Your 100% Welcome Bonus 500 Online

Before you do any of that, check in the wagering requirements or T & C’s to ensure it doesn’t require a ridiculous amount of investment to recover the promised deposit match. Some casinos do this as a sneaky trick to catch out those who do not read the terms carefully.

Other bonuses you can get vary from the 100% welcome bonus 500 to a no deposit bonus which is ace. This allows you to get some free spins or real money to bet with, despite not needing to deposit your own money!

Some casinos welcome you with enticing promotions too. Shop around and look at comparison websites for the latest and greatest offers online.

Returning Bonuses

If you loved the 100% welcome bonus 500 and crave even more, casinos often reward loyal players who bet time after time. if you’ve been racking up the jackpots, it might look great to you but casinos love it even more because they always hold a slight edge over players and eventually gain the money back.

To incentivise you and keep you coming back for more, watch out for the reload bonus. This handy little promotion is great after your first deposit. What you can earn with these is matching deposits after your initial one from 50% to 200% again three or four more times!