Understanding New Regulated Online Casino Markets

The world of online gaming has changed a great deal in the past couple of decades. Players have slowly but surely shifted away from local casinos towards online betting. To keep up with trends and emerging patterns, gambling authorities impose new regulated online casino markets. This helps to monitor several aspects of the betting industry.

Because it’s so popular with millions around the world, it takes a great deal of effort to regulate. The online space has created a wealth of fascinating and challenging games that we all love and adore.

It’s up to gaming commissions like the UKGC to monitor and develop online casinos. Is it easy to regulated thousands of online casinos? How do you monitor potential scams? We look at what can be done and who the major players are going forward with sites like https://www.coolplaycasino.co.uk/uk-slots.

New Regulated Online Casino Markets - Play Casino Games in the UK

Deciphering New Regulated Online Casino Markets

To sift through the bad websites, rules needed to be put in place. This prevents an over-saturated market that targets beginners. However, for experienced players, it’s fairly easy to tell which sites are secure. Nevertheless, regulations are put in place to help with the legalisation of a crowded market. To aid governing bodies, major software giants like Microgaming are stepping up to lend a hand.

New regulated online casino markets need game changers like Microgaming, who have been around the block. They provide quality titles for keen players of roulette, slots and card games. But not only that, because the importance lies in protecting their customers. Working with the authorities, other regulatory bodies and gambling commissions, legitimacy is so important.

Compliance requires discipline to meet strict standards and stop fraud. Once you can establish enough decent websites and run a steady operation, more jobs in the industry will follow. This pumps money back in the economy. Remaining compliant throughout the whole process as an organisation from start to finish is key.

New Regulated Online Casino Markets worth Billions

What Part Does Microgaming Play?

Leading the way, Microgaming is flexing its muscle as a contributor to new regulated online casino markets. Passing several stringent exams, they provide compliancy to many markets such as Spain, Denmark and Italy.

Can anybody overtake them as the leading power in the casino industry?  Other brands like NetEnt and IGT should follow suit, doing more to boost an industry that seeks growth. To continue along the path of security, Microgaming should not stand alone in the battle to regulate casinos.

However, the signs look promising. For instance, measures such as multiple payment options helps a great deal to improve security. Stating clear wagering requirements in a websites terms and conditions page provides clarity to customers. These kind of steps should be common practice on professional websites. Nevertheless, this is not always the case. For instance, can more not be done to clamp down account hacking and phishing?

How Microgaming is Changing the Industry

Looking at offering services abroad, Microgaming leads the way. Their product Quickfire is very popular throughout Scandanavia, commanding excellent results. It has boosted the popularity of several casino games in the country of Denmark alone.

Microgaming have also extended their reach to multiple companies internationally. By building another software network called Prima Networks Limited, they have done great work to assist the industry. Belgium and Spain have both benefited, with many expected to follow.

This software giant demonstrates the power of new regulated online casino markets. Their support system is second to none and they offer numerous products with amazing graphics for their customers.